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 Your Cross, Point where Soul and Matter Combine as One 
4 star
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The Mayan Calendar by Kim Ripley Hartt is a fictional novel about our world today. For the past two years, Lynn Marie had been in Peru studying under the guidance of Torrance, a native shaman. She returns to her home in San Diego during a storm only to find her Mayan Calendar she had hanging outside smashed on the ground where the storm had knocked it down. From here Lynn Marie sits down to write her story and her discovery between her sacred property and an old Peru city. From her back yard looking to the mountains, she begins setting the stage for what will happen on 12/21/2012. The story deals with mind over matter, prophecy and the spirit world.
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The Lonely Island, Before Rhode Island

Imaginative mind travel from an earlier time
Lonely Island Synopsis: The anchoring of Rhode Island is what is manifested in the interaction between the expanding of Lavelle and Trinton's mind that paralleled the permanent hold of Rholde Island as part of New England. This is how this story ends, with the convnersation between these character's individual  mind's realilzation of thier possibilties, as well as thier land. This writing was prompted by a friend who felt that I needed to write something a bit different. A story about Rhode Island maybe? This was to bring in romance, decadence of the period, and a few other detailed prompts. I often feel I am more of a reporter or one who receives channeled inspiration from anther time, what ever spirit driven term you would like to use. It is important to mention though that I have a consistency in “metaphysical rhythm”, a style that always comes thru. This serves a dual purpose when written in “Salvador Dali” likeness of style, subliminal dissemination that parallels with a realistic story line. This summary hopefully will entice and move you to continue to read on once this work is available.

Part 1
Introduction: This takes the reader into the real world of wealthy Ivy League, ship’s captains and all that they could presume. Winding the globe, groomed, married, widowed, and evolving on this early island before it was colonized. Chapter 1, Beginnings of Rhode Island. This starts out introducing the Ivy League school of Harvard and brings in the early alumnus such as George Ripley. A scholar with all the old world knowledge and decadence to create this new world. He played as extravagantly as the rest of the alumnus, creating the higher class in all its decadence and charm. Chapter 2, Compartments of Craftsmanship. The descendants to the new world, Gothic to eventual Victorian style was really an encapsulated entering of places like Versailles where these men of money walked, could swim in style that cushioned their travels of similarity to that of their European homes. Chapter 3, Salty Seas. This chapter uses a technique in nature to quantum physics where it takes the reader thru spheres of an earlier time to travel with these men of the old world’s ships. This begins to set the stage for the earlier settlers of this eventual New England. Chapter 4, Antique Ships. Here we start to remember men like Columbus and the Mayflower’s Captain to the earlier voyagers of Viking ships, France, the Dutch as well as Spain. These ships with carved busts of their maidens were indeed our earliest visitors to meet the indigenous of America. Here Lavelle is introduced, one of these earliest spouses of Dutch decent, a captain’s spouse. For to see into the future and quote word of an eventual  famous women’s song, Madonna is the one I now see, I’m sure you will find fitting to the mind…
What you gonna do when your love is gone?
What you gonna do when the game ended?
What you gonna do when the bird has flown?
How you gonna play when your all alone?

Chapter 5, Singers of This Day. Talks of the world of party and song with all its decadence and artist. This mentioning is extended to later singers such as Billy Holiday and even Elvis in again connecting the same extreme indulgences that comes with the territory of our wealthiest of men. Chapter 6, Ships Docking. Now when these ships arrived in the port they filled this Lonely Island with the most decadent of “port”. Fancy wine, caviar of the most special of kind. With this they stayed connecting to the Ivy League men and celebrating their fill. Chapter 7, My Dear Friends Story. Again metaphysically speaking karmic resolve is realized by Lavelle when speaking with her friend from France that was able to help her connect to the previous lives disruptive messes so she could steer clear this incarnation in resolve that which would allow her heart to connect. Chapter 8, Breaking Away. In this chapter Lavelle and Jon continue their conversation and she, in her mind’s eye works thru the revelations of the past and the players that have caused her to be of a split thought. Now a resolve of her mind has come upon her as she is able to move forward in this incarnation. Chapter 9, Overload Karma to be Transmitted from Previous Times. This chapter likens one’s mind to that of an oak tree where the clearing of karmic debris allows the branching of the brain to reach and create a canopy for all of one’s hopes. Chapter 10, Mind Remembering. Lavelle’s gifts of prophecy and knowing the earth’s past, she foretells of wars and men to come that would be a part of building this new world. This was a woman who was key in connecting Europe to the Indians and their families. In this story Lavelle lays the foundation in connecting America’s past to the evolving new world. Chapter 11, The Animals had Their Special Place Too. This Lonely Island was really Lavelle’s place of purpose to tame and put each one in their own special place. From the animals to the girls she did guide, she was able to allow each individual their own relevance of this time. Chapter 12, Lavelle’s Realization of Time. Everything that Lavelle was about had to come from inside since she had no one in this place that was from her home. Once her spouse never returned and she was unable to go back to her home, she was left to create from that which she had inside. Chapter 13, Witch Hunt of Salem was a Projection. Here Lavelle started to realize the projection of the Salem Witch Hunt days and dramas that would ensue; this was a bit disconcerting to say the least. Chapter 14, Lavelle’s Realization in Time (different from Lavelle’s Realization of Time from Chapter 11). This chapter speaks of closing out life's incarnations and the reason of metaphysically figuring ourselves out until the soul and matter have combined to compile our many lives so the soul can move to other places within the universe.

Part II
Introduction. This brings in a new character, her twin flame, a man of the orient. He is of great wealth and showers her with all types of gifts as well as a completeness of her heart. Chapter 1. East Meets West. These talks of the specific exotic food, animals, plants found in the china men’s haul, how him and Lavelle were an unlikely pair, but indeed twin flames of an earlier committed heart felt place. As their minds connected they completed the world’s history and that of their own to finally knowing what it was they would soon learn. Chapter 2. Switch in the Mind. These two could transcend time with a special mantra, really the combination of their heavenly names. For when these names were spoken together and repeated in three, they were able to rip all veils of time and see what special design was to be for earth and her families. Chapter 3. Other planets of Life. This china man’s birth name in this life was a strange one indeed. Trinton was he, the lines on his face did not reflect that of the Chinese, but instead was more like a Russian of sorts, where he could really expand all that connected cultures to the sea. Chapter 4. Seafood. These special foods were like that of the gods. For so as the pleasures of dining together would bring back this heavenly existence that was to be completed in this here special committed time of their lives. Chapter 5. Coming Back Home in the Heart. The story finally ends with a full circle in Lavelle’s mind to understand the completion of her purpose during earth’s time. She explains her sharing of this writing in that it is some sort of a key that hopefully will unlock those needing to know from a heavenly mind’s eye. Chapter 6. The Anchoring of Rhode Island The interaction in expanding Lavelle and Trinton's mind that paralelled the permanent hold of Rhode Island as part of New England, is how this story ends, with the dialogue between these character's individual mind's realization of their possibilities, as well as their land.    Ross and Simmons Jewelry of Rhode Island

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A Beautiful Gift, The Place of Life

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Synopsis for, A Beautiful Gift, the Place of Life
This writing is short, as are all my writings, but deep in this technique and style is the ability to take you to new levels of thought. Pause if reflection occurs during the reading, so the mind can take its time to remember that which the cells hold to be retold. So forget about your peers, uncompfortableness of fears, and let your heart, soul, and mind wake up from being blind. For to allow God’s light in, partake of something that is truly special for one’s spirit to know, is what the intent of this experience is once your mind does read these journaling’s of a divine kind.

Now the introduction asks you to look at yourself in relation to the cosmos of various planetary existences, also to see the agreed upon path in relation to your birth and family, that has now brought you back to this place once again. Astrology in science, a projected path, can lend itself to connect to us as strongly as the skies, in relation to the physic in calculating your electrical spell of magnetism from within the lucid, organic grid we do reside.


Chapter 1. Spiritual Psychic Realm. This chapter looks at accepting people of psychic ability vs. making them a side show. Let’s work together in developing and accepting this level of psychology for complete evolution of our being. Chapter 2. Cell Communication. Uses yourself as a guinea pig, figure out who you are and your purpose. Nothing less, nothing more this is all you’re here for, your “purpose”. Chapter 3. Vibration Elevation. Now this chapter looks at the cell as does outer space in that the blackness of both is something that is engulfed by the sun or nucleus to ignite and bring us to a combustible atomic state. Chapter 4. Daily Processing. Each day as we start and go thru our day returning to our bed once again, is parallel to the eternal life”, and what our eventual tears do know. Simplicity, holographic place is what this all is in the reality of this illusion of time. Chapter 5. Shafts Found in Life. Rumors from previous energies are felt from the very rocks of graves that hold molecular resins of what our cells remember to heal all that we know. Chapter 6. Your Life’s Scales. The levels of vibration of your intent will move cells. There is no denying what it is we do know when our soul moves the molecular shafts out of the way so our power can flow. Chapter 7. Life's Trials. There are points of expression or reserve, whatever it is you create from your nerves. For those all pass, calmness prevails, as we laugh, and go right back. Chapter 8. Moldevite Gemstones. This is an example of a remoteness that comes to each that is of an elevated molecular form. For to understand where, utilize crystallization with their superior quality, is to understand that our existence can be enhanced. Chapter 9. Turbulence in Life. To endure life, to not check out, is to really understand the evolved lessons that are to be experienced for those that show up and participate to complete what it is they have agreed to for their life’s date. Chapter 10. From Inside to the Outside. Now bring the knowingness of inside to the outside for a realization of a true place in this flow of what we all know. Chapter 11. Freedom to Experience One’s Own Thoughts. Empower with the flooding of knowledge to never succumb to ignorance, lack of understanding in what can be known and acted upon, for self empowerment is only a derivative needed to complete the individual’s flow. Chapter 12. A Higher Eye. The intuitive side, beyond the 6th sense, is our mirror from heaven’s realm to understand and see ourselves somehow. With this we can truly know these things that speak truth to the soul. Chapter 13. All Cost of Authority. To take a Master such as Jesus Christ and let him be the point to blast all that was imperfect from our past, is to realize that it should really be our core of what it is we do not want to store. Chapter 14. New Time. To be free is to realize that what we know is to be eventually shed so we can return to the soul’s home after we are dead. Chapter 15. Colors of Spring. To see beauty as in the freshness of spring is to understand our ability to renew the mind and always start a process to create a new masterpiece of some kind. Chapter 16. Learning to Be Unattached. If what we see is really an illusion, a temporary state, unattachment is key in coming back into reality. Chapter 17. Blueprint. Being familiar with our blueprint, our astrology within the cosmos of stars, is to know this blueprint; to truly be able to be unattached when the understanding of a greater force is realized is the hope of an evolved mind. Chapter 18. The Called Upon Path. Now to discover your cosmic blue print, to know what it was you and, the council agreed to is to finally start to align your mind with that which is divine. Chapter 19 A Holding Pattern. A groundedness, holding pattern if you will, within your agreed upon blueprint is key to completing that which is specifically designed for you to complete. Chapter 20. To This Be the Beauty before Me. Now to walk in bliss, to know all is fine, is to understand a perfect select group was what you did pull into place while you’re to learn something great. Chapter 21. Dedications. To see, love, understand our God is to dedicate your life to the very breath that gave you life. Chapter 22. Elevation, Allowable to Earth’s Game. Only the knowingness from inside can increase the cell that reside on the outside to move our world to a state of evolution for each body and mind. Chapter 23. Energy. Once the elevation begins, energy is soon to move in. Chapter 24. Natural Light. This comes from the nucleus of our sun/son to expand the brightness in making this effectual to each of our kin. Chapter 25. Dynamics of Your Skull. This is the computer to decipher that which this destiny needs to resolve. Chapter 26. Final Act. To reach a point of no return to Earth’s home is to go even higher, or for some maybe lower, for future molecular turns. Chapter 27. Evolved or Deranged. This is a twist, for some may be deranged and misguided in the mind. For some the peers may be the ignorant in comprehending the state of another’s being, but what ever the dynamics one things for sure, it’s between the individual and their God. Chapter 28. This is to Buck. A special remembering of a friend of a previous time, that he may have well been a Master that earth did let in? Chapter 29. First Words Remembered. Now to look back in a time when life was new, recalling a friend on the beach, just us two. Is simple indeed as we made our mud pies, but now can see we had something divine. Chapter 30. Our Teacher, God’s Universe. This is a classroom of earth, not any other place in our universe. So stay grounded while here, look, learn and respond to the evolution of one’s own mind. For when the tests are finally passed, this is what pleases God that we have done our best. Chapter 31. Mum’s Special Gift to Us All. These are our extended selves giving all that is within their very self, so no judgment can ever be made of these special ladies that God did empower to be our endower. Chapter 32. Connecting. This is the necessity we all must do to become one in our own good time. To have the veils removed, see all in an instant is the fullest resonation of our very cell’s core from inside. Chapter 33. Self to Know. This is a full circle completed flow of ones’ life once they truly do know. Each player and the relationship to themselves will bring the mind back around to where it will return once again. Chapter 34. Paths of the Past. This too is what we need to do, remember, dig up, forgive, and set back into its proper place so the score of the highest level can be restored. Chapter 35. A Family in Love. To know that the connective siblings and such is what really completes us so much, is to create a quilt that this blueprint grid will reside in while it is still, as it flows with the lucid shimmer of our God’s golden flame, to be released in each family’s name. Chapter 36. Closing History. This is a short summary of my specific family’s history in understanding trials and tribulations that made us all unique to this life’s touch.

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Incarnations of Seven

Incarnations of Seven  Parts of the novel are true, especially with regards to the  "Seventh Incarnation". After Thought...

This again is fiction, but what truly is now fast upon us with cyberspace, the illusionary dimensions of advanced use of technology, from cameras, to cell phones, to computers, we literally wear in our selves, is that the veils of illusion are really just that, when the levels of reality are one in an instant, and the mind begins to know no separation or regards to any illusion of time. For as this place now in earth’s time seems to be moving rather rapidly in connecting, healing, removing all that divides. For it may seem as if our minds are really on a wild ride. But in reality, is just a powerful plan, to be utilized quickly, in transforming and connecting us to what we all know deep inside.

Two interesting sites: 

In Some of my other  works, Shakespeare, Chaucer, deities, masters of old, was used to share ideas that have inspired us throughout the ages. In this writing I bring in Nostradamus, Edward Casey, and some more modern masters like Seal and the late Martin Luther King, Jr. Here is a bit of what was some of my inspiration and is included in this book…
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Now it is fitting to let Martin Luther King Jr.’s Quote, reveal something that needs to be part of this note.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

Life is a gift, and the opportunity of living, is only available for the days you wake up, realizing the present is your only full cup.
To my personal flashes of nostalgia, triggered by subliminal pricks, from great artists work, such as “Seal’s” song, “Change is Gonna Come”, to his acknowledgment of inspiration recorded inside his cd, “Seal”, from ’94…,

"Whilst walking the streets of Manhattan on the first morning of spring 1992, there came over me a sudden urge to have my palm read. The women I eventually found told me many seemingly far fetched things about my future, most of which I discarded as the usual $5 gubbins. But there was one thing she said that has stayed with me ever since. She told me that there lay ahead a period of time which would bring some of the most wonderful, together with the most traumatic time of life, that it would present me with an opportunity to grow spiritually and would in turn put a constant strain on my emotions. She also told me that just as I began to fall under the wheel, there would be a friend unlike any before or after, who would help share the strain and provide me with the necessary inspiration to continue my journey." Seal's Biography

to my home on the Caribbean, to the child who would swim with head face down, till mom pulled the hair, so I’d come up for air. It is not to be denied, that I indeed, have had this life.   

Synopsis: Incarnations of Seven
This story takes place from “whole” to “part”, with regards to modalities, using a bit of imagination combined with reality of the present, to paint a picture of my “being-of-self”. Use of many lives with their numerous dimensions, takes place in earth’s illusion of time. These different births into earth of my unique being for each life, occurs in stages of three. The “go-betweens”, and back down again, eventually return me to my heavenly home to decide the next incarnation. Basically, this is an effort to encompass all that we really are, but with focus in dividing our selves into different incarnations to experience the many variances of being human. For sometimes in this land of dimensions, we fail to see outside of our existence in the physical, to remember who, and what, we really are. Hopefully using myself in every way I could imagine, it will give each reader a unique experience of who, and what, they really are in all their various lives over various times, then remember their heavenly home and what may have been agreed upon in discovering their god-of-selves. This should really be fun, as well as magnificent for the mind that takes the time to imagine limitless possibilities that make each of us divine.

Summary of, Incarnations of Seven:

There is a circle one must travel in order to really see all that they are to be. As your own flower does bloom, it will begin to fill up your pond at your heavenly mansion. The key is not really each of our lives, but the ability to form the various incarnations to see our connection to that which is above, to that which is earth bound, and to the soul where at the core is really where we will be able to open all of our doors. So this writing is an exercise in learning to view thru our intuitive eye. Hopefully a “light-bulb-moment” will occur in knowing our creative power really does abound. Chapter one, seventh incarnation, moves backward from my most recent life, descending, till this book ends at my first incarnation. Similar to a lightening strike, this is where we begin in knowing the present is where we are experiencing life in its fullest, just as we will do in the previous lives to follow. I do bring in a short, “non-fiction” biography of my life in this incarnation, from sibling dynamics, to both of my marriages, to finally back to a fictional projection of my “Golden years” that are still to come. Sixth incarnation I speak of being of Indian descent, while living on a reserve in India, protecting and raising elephants with my childhood sweetheart, to eventual husband. This life does seem to bridge the previous incarnations, to my now existence. Fifth incarnation, I find myself once again, with my same mate from the previous life, only this time we are somewhere in Europe. We are able to study at the finest schools, to evolve our knowingness, not to have any of the uncertainties that were so traumatic in previous lives. For with this life, we are sheltered and loved in order to nurture that which we will be able to use again. During this life we are able to rest in having healings and ample shelter from previous lives, which had been very difficult. For with each incarnation, the journey is mapped out with heavenly council, for a greater purpose to realize our true magnificence. Now with the fourth incarnation, this was a life carved out on a Tahitian Island. Here the start was rough, and the end was even more difficult, but the “in-between”, with my husband and daughter, were a very special time, never to be forgotten in any incarnation to follow. With the third life, I lived on a ship at sea, with my dog. Here I lived to be very old, with great knowledge from previous continents that I was to share with the world. This vast knowledge was from worlds that were now under the ocean; Atlantis presumably, was the origin to be passed onto the surviving continents. With my second incarnation, I escaped Mu as it went down, taking my crystal skull of knowledge with me. Here I was to meet my Mayan grandma in this new land that would become my new home. My classroom continued at a very young age, so that the secrets of old would eventually be retold. The first incarnation takes place during the time of Atlantis, where we understood the earth’s core, in relation to our own, and how to travel in our intuitive eye, from the heavens above, and back down to the ground, until we could return to our heavenly home.

To look at these pictures of my various lives, was the journey needed to connect me to my entire being-of-self. For with these multiple variances, life allowed me to see my own unique complexities. From children, to loved ones, to differing accomplishments, is what this classroom is all about in helping us remember our god-of-selves.

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Your Cross, The Point Where Soul and Matter Combine as One

4 star from reader's review on this work
Looking at Your Cross, The Point Where Soul And Matter Combine As One by Kim HarttYour Cross, Point Where Soul & Matter Combine as One

also a facinating look at the Quero Journey

 As I meditate on what the soul’s unfolding journey shares from inside; an understanding of the symbol of the cross becomes clear. A process shared from remembering the original creation’s purpose of symmetry. A sharing of what our mind’s eye is all about, what crystals, such as ones in the shape of our skull facilitate, how to peel away our layers and finding our own energy. Each molecular cell code recognizes the vibration of the spirit’s soul which allows the perfect match for melding. This compilation of essays of soulful mediations clicks on the minds connective internal web of circuitry, as it is lovingly guided in remembering ourselves from elevated realms of our own divinity.

The following manuscript, This is the final closure of the ‘Window’s’ and ‘Mayan’ book or could also be a part of “the Incarnation” book? I go into the same rhythm and flow as these other manuscripts, but feel this manuscript compliments any of the others. This is an attempt to show how our cross is really the combination of soul and matter, while giving finality to the ego in learning to have a life of jubilation. This is key to ascension, our journey home if you will. Thus blissfully discovering reality, new life, renewal of one’s soul.
Your Cross, The Point Where Soul and Matter Combine as One, will actually be linked to The Mayan Calendar Smashes to the Ground: A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies, and  A Unique Window Into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality, by threading a connection of recent interest in crystal skulls, like the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, to where these superior creations may have been used, and their linked use to us at present, with regards to our own minds evolution.  

This writing is Spirit-led when the Current is “on”, from our heavens to our home on the earth. The Reality of Our Returning Minds, the core of spirit, as well as the core of matter, the cross, the Holy Grail, the melding point, the vortex of our being, of our earth’s being, of our cosmos’s being. As above, so below, for where the two shall cross, is the point of transition into the eternity of our minds. The facilitator, the individual who knows the flow of the spirit, now this is our teacher who we need to know, in order to grow in ways that are soon learned from those who do know from our heavens above, to our place here once again, now that this cross has placed itself on our hearts once again, to finally bring all this to our heavenly home. From the information that is released in these words, a greater percentage of our minds, hopefully will click open. Hopefully a “light bulb” of information, a realization of the cell’s full abilities, will be realized and modeled in like structure of these sacred crystal skulls. The “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” of old will be referred to throughout this work. Now I invite each of you with this dedication, to fully realize any untapped potential of your own mind, and challenge yourself to venture forward, into this presentation of a new time.

Synopsis for, Your Cross, The Point Where Soul and Matter Combine as One.
This is a fiction novel, a labor of love if you will, to combine all that we know from our spiritual soul to our facilitated symbols, material molecular structure, to what creates our cross. For the symbol of our cross is really the point where matter and soul combine as one. In this writing I try to use facilitated symbols of the cross and crystals, especially those shaped as our very skull to bring home the realization that while here in the body we are still really of a soul being, thus protected by spirit. Also, again, reminding everyone of the Mayan code of 12/21/2012, plus a few others that were included to explain differences in the Gregorian calendar vs. Mayan calendar. The use of crystals and the symbols of long ago, help us to know and remember. To this our sacred cross represents the meeting place of spirit and matter, female and male, the point of creation on all planes. This is our hallway to all levels of reality. The use of crystals, especially the ones shaped like our skulls, are more than a vision, but a superior molecular structure used to transport and house knowledge of old, as well as what can be programmed today. Won’t you come now and take this journey to discover what your heart may have very well have been yearning for.

Here is a short summary of each chapter to quickly give recognition to the main points, also to paint a picture of our story told here. Chapter one talks of correlating the atom to our soul structure, for here we find our point which opens a pathway in realizing our soul of selves. This will happen in an instant, a moment in time if you will, when all our core of selves becomes prevalent so that a pathway to all our realities suddenly know that time is but an illusion. Chapter two speaks of a place that resonates, a recording in our “minds eye” to review the soul. This is really our “holy cross” where the point of soul and matter reveal our true selves. For there, is our mind’s eye vision. Once this point is rediscovered, the clutter, chatter, illusions will be no more. Chapter three speaks of those who literally reside “high in the sky”, like astronauts, those of Tibet, and such. Does this give them superior strength to realize their holy cross? The ancient crystal skulls, did they also model a superior flow of knowledge, which we can each readily know? Chapter four is speaking of matter’s structure, does it retain knowledge in its molecular dust left on our ground? Can we raise it again; re-tap into its knowledge, like the crystal skulls of old. What role does matter really play in the retention of old? Chapter five, Color, now this illusion asks, if color really symbolize a similarity of soul structure to that which is matter, in that it elevates and moves molecular pictorials in all plains, then is color really responsible for that which we really do see? Chapter six, sleep within is the soundness of your bones regarding both night and day. For here in the mind we see clearly with our angels that for which we really did perceive. Be it soundness of sleep or awaking of your mind in the activity of day, these special guides of your mind’s eye are truly divine. Chapter seven, the ride is really our ability to take that which we master of the arts and such, reacting a transcending connection of spirit, which this divine state can leave for our children of a later time. Now that is what really cushions this earth’s ride. Chapter eight, Dialogue of Mind, is the introduction of our crystal skulls as a model of how our minds could really work if all parts were ignited vs. the ten percent presently used. Here our real story begins with a pebble being dropped into the sea of life, thus asking the question, how far will your waves grow in your expanded time of incarnations which has now just begun? Chapter nine, Crystal Skulls Speak, is about the use of these ancient crystals in relation to old continents such as Atlantis. This chapter-ten then speaks of our heart chamber and its function in relation to our existence in the body. Chapter eleven speaks of other planetary bodies and how these ancient crystals were used as the hard drive a top our pyramids to send and transport these bodies of knowledge to and fro. Thus with such power the abuse set off these catastrophic changes in earth’s history, which is now returning full circle once again, to a knowingness if you will, of what we really did know. Chapter twelve, Cleaning it Up. Now that we can see the holograph, the symmetry of other systems in relation to us in the scheme of things, we can take our rightful place in elevated shifts to the knowingness we once again do hold. With the start of chapter thirteen, Yonbi of Sutai, Energy, we begin to understand the symbols of our thirteen spheres, our thirteen skulls, to the vital points of our energy points that keep us a flow. This first strand of DNA, crystal skull, sphere of our being if you will, is the storehouse of knowledge; with the understanding of energy we are able to move about in our dense state of being to accomplish our purpose. Chapter fifteen, Tra Nin Swer, Knowledge, this is our next storehouse of DNA. Here we are able to know those bits of information that connect us to our God, our mainframe if you will, that lets us see what it is we are yet to learn. Chapter fifteen, Trha Sar or Stability. This strand of DNA balances our existence between the soul and matter, becomes our holy cross of melding in an instant of all knowingness. This next chapter speaks of Temperament, Latues Sebeus, our special strand of DNA what gives us a gauge if you will, of energy flow to just the correct balance to each specific situation. Chapter seventeen, Brint Yunh, Sweet Resolves is a way to let the heart bleed, to have resolution within our chamber that lets us reside here at all. Chapter eighteen, Mitrs List, Unique Gifts, this is really disseminating aides in giving us power over any negative manifestations. If we can ask, know, and learn our spiritual gifts, we will be equipped to reach all that we so desire. Chapter nineteen, Drutd Cuiak, Soul Groupings. This is our pod, our origin from the cosmos outside this planet. To know our appendages per say, will help us to truly know ourselves. Chapter twenty, Taru Mopyt, Authenticity. This is our DNA strand of Reality, this peeling away of all layers of deception. For there is our core, our soul, to which is our being made whole. Chapter twenty one Vratu Nu, Endurance. Here we have a strand of DNA that can really send us on our way. Without this our time is very short, for to endure, become un-attached, that is our true key indeed. Chapter twenty two, Gtsn Litnu, Spirit. The spirit is our protection; it is clothing of a heavenly nature, replaceable to each, that is really of a renewable quality. For if the renewing of spirit is learned, we will always have our soul a flow to the world. Chatper twenty three is Free Will or Crne Na. This is a gift given to all that are experiencing life. To realize and choose that which is within the soul, while experience a lower dimension, is our rudder in combing matter with our core. Chapter twenty-four, Drnt Kntr, Linguistics. This is the recording of codes, a vibration of choice for disseminating communication of information in the lower of dimensions. Chapter twenty five, GOMA OA, this is the head skull, your skull, a commander of all of the knowledge, reconstructed for each of ourselves to direct from the heart, once the soul can bring about the remembering of our core. Chapter twenty-six, Points to Ponder, this is the realization that mediums such as crystals can bring about our elevated state of existence by modeling our minds of a superior structure. Chapter twenty-seven, Connecting the Symbolism, is taking the days of old with regards to told continents, various religious orders, mythological to heavenly orders, in seeing how this is really our facilitated techniques for connecting us to our heavenly ports. Chapter twenty-eight, relevance revealed, is Solomon’s sacred recordings of systems of planetary bodies in descending order of importance, from Saturn to the Moon and their secret names. The days he also gave descending order from highest to lowest, starting with Saturday, and ending with Monday. These rituals of both Solomon, and Hindu origins, use our structure to unleash a desired molecular flow as recorded in our crystal skulls of old. Chapter twenty-nine, Rhythms With our Universe, is truly a law that creates a cohesive flow, to all that which our universe really does know. Chapter thirty, Molecular Bonds, a connection from the past can be rediscovered in the atoms of old, as our spirit remembers that which has gone before, there may be a tingle, an emotional feeling brought on by the movement of our molecular structure from what we now have emotional involvement with. Chapter thirty-one, Observer, is speaking of these ancient crystals as being our observer over time, where we can make our own unique system, just as the thirteen skulls aligned and coordinated information until the system can run in a cohesive way. Chapter thirty-one, Advanced Communication, introduces the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull letting us know this is a find indeed. Unexplained in how old it is, or how it was made, but an advanced phenomenon indeed. With this find we can concur that there were advanced civilizations on our planet at one time. Chapter thirty-three, Chakra Connections With the Skulls, reiterates the holograph, the connection of our chakras, planets, sacred skulls, to connecting our universal symmetry in a kaleidoscope of flow that correlates to all that we really do know. Chapter thirty-four, Spectacular is Our Mind vs. the Illusion of Time, is speaking of our our knowingness that transcends the illusion of time, a shift of one’s mind to bring an understanding to our various journey’s over time, into one string of our being. Chapter thirty-five, the thirteenth skull that is of yours and mine. This is our own mind that takes us into perfection of what magnificent splendor each of us, our talents could share. Here we use our minds to restructure and activate all parts of what is possible inside our brains to a perfect possible molecular structure, just like that of these other crystal skulls. Chapter thirty-six, Love to Help Me Know My Way, mentions that the original crystal skulls were created in love, so this mass mainframe of housed knowledge is given in a loving way for each of us to move forward in opening our hearts, relinquishing fear now that ignorance is dissipating with knowledge being disseminated. Chapter thirty-seven, Universal Data, a learning of information that these skulls were linked to all the libraries of old “Great Ring of Knowledge”, that can create a collective conscience from what Atlantis did once already know. Chapter thirty-eight, Golden Age, is recognizing these halls of knowledge are opened once again to the wisdom of the ages that will allow for physical immortality. Chapter thirty-nine, Now What is a Skull? These are models, mainframes for housing in our knowledge and connecting each thought of all knowledge held in our universe. Once these minds can realize their full capacity, then these skulls of elevated levels of existence will indeed bring about a positive change globally to our planet. Chapter forty, Our Tree of Life is Reflected in Our Skull, like an ark from God’s all knowingness is now to be fully reflected in our mind’s eye. These colors we see in the cosmos help to symbolize divine inspiration from faith, to grace, to love, also the spheres that contain our colors orchestrating our very being of selves. Just as the colors facilitating our connection to our God, so does the playful mediation and chants facilitate our heavenly connection that elevate our senses to a wonderful place that makes us divine. Chapter forty one. Restoration of the Mind is really the flame of the soul that reflect light in our dendrites and syntax of the mind that brings us to a place that remembers all in an instant. Chapter forty two, Retreats of Our Being, is the place where we become the calculus of our own density. The orchestrator of Einstein’s determinants that create our geometric shape of mind. Chapter forty-three, Teaching to Open the Club to the Village Idiot, is really a freedom to those who have learned to toss caution to the wind, lose the mind if you will in taking a chance to sing what your soul does really know. Chapter forty four, the Bronze Copper House of Our Mind, this golden alter within our own mind that reflects that which we really do know. Chapter forty-five, Earth’s Incarnations Recorded from Within, is the special carved crystal skulls now used to house and help us share knowledge just like those of old. They also facilitate healing and any needed information that can be housed over time. Chapter forty-six, to our skulls that are now found, these crystal skulls of old were at one time placed in circles on alters of various metals and a thirteenth esoteric skull would appear that would combine all the knowledge from old. Chapter forty-seven amazing indeed is about the realization of relinquishing the ego by realizing the full power of our being as facilitated by the modeled skulls and the realization of our cross with the melding of our soul to know each other’s potential as well as our own. After Thought speaks of the Mitchell-Hedges skull, the ancient pyramids, and the remembering of days past when Atlantis was purist in earth’s people’s minds.

You may want to familiarize yourself with this CRYSTAL SKULL SITE in order to understand the true nature of these creations.

A Unique Window Into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality

The purpose of the following book ("Windows") is to inspire and cause deep thought into questioning who we really are inside. With the use of a holistic approach in bringing together both philosophies of the east, and the west, will hopefully manifest the reader’s subliminal thoughts of layered mind recordings, to recognition of the mind to the surface. The intent is to create a cohesive effort of harmony in seeing all layers of our being
A Unique Window Into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality

Please come inside to share our soul's connectedness from a combination of inspirational verses of an objective nature. The two short stories, "Aihleen" and "Sacred Revelations" can be likened to a little kernel of “Indian” corn, in that it is a story to help foster understanding and appreciation for our many gifts, no matter where they come from. This book is of many dimensions in purpose. There is the need to share or express, the hope to heal, and the understanding of self, made only by refection of free expression. My hope is that these words will resonate in a sincere, non-judgmental experience to each reader. Each individual will engage their deepest of layers in subliminal thought that may bring them back a 2nd and even 3rd time to reconnect with the divine flow of our soul’s reality. . .

The Current Synopsis:
A Unique Window Into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality will fit well with such titles as, Barry Long’s, The Origins of Man and Universe, and Tom Johnson’s, You are Always Your Own Experience! in that mine, as well as these, use spiritual, philosophic, and factual mind dialogues to inspire and cause deep thought into questioning who we really are deep inside. My book differs in that it uniquely brings in masters of old like Shakespeare, and techniques for clearing chakras, that neither of these books presents. I believe my story will add another dimension to spiritual/philosophical readings so popular today.

These Essay Collections of mind meditations, A Unique Window Into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality, is both philosophical and spiritual. These types of writings, have taken on popular demand with regards to the New Age Movement. People are searching for more of an Eastern nature in that it is holistic in meeting ones needs. I believe my essays takes on this approach, in that it brings subliminal thoughts of each reader to a new individual recognition of themselves. This creative purging of layered recognitions of the mind is an orchestrated presentation using mythology, divine spirits, nature, and masters of old to create a cohesive effort of harmony in seeing all layers of our being at once. This is an ideal time for this book to be published and distributed for public purchase in that interest in spiritual/philosophical-New Age, is now reaching its highest peek. This book embraces all of this.

In my book, A Unique Window Into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality, it starts out with basic questions of our mind with regards to family, work, direction, and purpose for our lives. It uses examples of various interactions in life, with regards to death, health, and spiritual renewal to ponder a new reality that goes deeper than our initial deciphering of life. The book later brings in masters like Shakespeare, mythological figures, deities, and chakra clearing to help the reader experience philosophical reasoning in opening the mind, as well as the spine, in letting their energy source/kundilini ignite to new heights of enlightment. This will engage even the most uninformed reader of metaphysics to understand and enjoy the heartfelt intent of this presentation.

The following is a short summary of each dialogue in Volume I;

Mind Dialogue I is covering the relative chemistry of one’s own atoms in relation to the minds gyration of emotion. It takes the reader to a place deep within the soul, that seems a bit strange and solace, but reminds the reader that as with the blackness between the stars, so is our deepest of selves. To return to the place only the individual can discover within, is a bit of a gamble with sanity, but to reach true enlightment, thus freedom, this task must be mastered and understood with this a blissful reward that brings us home, to our heavenly origins. This is the process our great masters have traveled. To find peace in solace, to clear away the chatter, this creates a master at every level. The reader will engage their own mind’s activity with their dialogue in the sharing of common understandings we all encounter. Mind Dialogue II takes the reader into thought of seeing actual physical places and deciphers what was really observed. Family members behaving poorly, wild neighborhoods only are revealing the reality of a burned out existence that really never held any of life’s glitter. The reader is also encouraged to ponder the idea of a soul mate. Is this soul mate in actuality the person themselves? What is the consequence of never connecting with this mate? What is held for those that do? Life is referenced to a learning process that never stops. Negative vs. positive, good vs. bad, these are really just places of existence, to become a true master is to learn this and take emotion out of the equation. This way the learner can become the master by understanding the laws of the universe. There is also a reference with regards to the various states of an individual’s, ego, child, and parent, and how these parts need balance. Finding the perfect key per soul in life is truly worth the effort in manifesting exceptional quality of one’s own being. Mind Dialogue III takes the reader to an understanding that the “ruling class” scenario is on the decline in this “new age” society. This paradigm shift spoken of by the Mayans, is the end of the class, for soon each will know and remember their own tools to rule themselves. Now within this mind dialogue is a fictitious story of a little girl named Aihleen who is a blessing to her parents. She is really their teacher of this incarnation of this family’s existence. She is their daughter, a sickly little one, who passes at a young age, but is likened to that of an angel, in that she has a level of spiritual understanding that is far beyond her years. Many times it is the kids that are our teachers. This little one was sickly, but provided such love and insight to her parents, that they never wasted a moment in self pity. She taught them to experience life in the spirit realm, to appreciate nature, especially with regards to butterflies. The father and daughter had a very special bond indeed. She was his life. She could see things in the spirit world and would share this with her parents. This family lived for each other, but when the little girl died at a young age, their world fell apart. The husband lost all interest in his family, and eventually never returned. The wife existed alone until her final days.

The following is a short summary of each dialogue in Volume II;

Mind Dialogue I reawakens the revelation of ones own power. We are like suns unto ourselves, igniting and creating our own systems of structure. What we create revolves around us, as does the planets around the sun. As above so below is so very true. Master your inner self, and then you have the ability to command your universe. This is the reality of our power. The shifting of our mind is a bit painful in letting go of the old and bringing in something that seems at first glance, out of reality. The universe is really in charge here, and says it is time to shift to an elevated state of remembrance, to mature in an instant, to be responsible for all past, present, and future in one knowing of selves. Yes, it is O.K. to smile and laugh at seeing ourselves and others in a new light, a more forgiving of light. We now have understanding, since all veils are lifted. Now we are likened to a computer where the universe is asking us if we are up for the task of clearing and reloading our drive, with the new information that is now available to be placed inside. Mind Dialogue II looks at relinquishing ourselves with our soul mate, even if our levels are so far removed they no longer recognize one another. The mind bantering continues in asking why all of this is necessary. Is it a cruel joke, or just another level of discovery within our classroom of life? The end of this chapter brings light to Shakespeare’s plays in that we are just playing scenes in hopes of enjoying the box office hit. This may be true for some, but others a flop in this classroom of life. Mind Dialogue III starts to take a peek into a heaven on earth, a place where there is health care for all, love for all; basically enough of everything for everyone on the planet to freely be distributed. This question/statement is made, “is this really real, pinch me”. It also shows what fun it can be to master a craft, and be noted as a master. Such was the case with Shakespeare and Chaucer. In their gyrations of comedic parity, and poetry, they mirrored our dilemmas in creative ways. This chapter asks that one get the hang of this same technique, and have fun with their life. Mind Dialogue IV talks about our real reason of needing karmic debris released, most instantly as is possible. The various incarnations, the labels we place on ourselves, such as dyslexia, many times the individual is experiencing a culture much different from a previous incarnation, thus causing the confusion. This can be an individual’s challenge from deep inside. Mind Dialogue V asks the reader to bring up the nightmares still left inside, own it, and dispel it for all time. There we take a journey to what is our place, our life that is meant to be. Sacred Revelations is another short story of an incarnation similar to Aihleen. There is this couple from an earlier lifetime, which comes to resolve their karmic debris, in this particular lifetime. Indian elephants were their responsibility to protect and guard from poachers of a very corrupt government. Sadly, the couple, the elephants, and all the family were annihilate so the elephant parts could be sold on the black market. These elephants became one of their deities in another incarnation. So the message here is, if you listen to your angels, act out the parts revealed, you’re sure to expose the blueprint your cells do hold. Mind Dialogue VI is the final chapter and starts to speak about celebrating this new way and new day that is upon us of enlightment. These masters of old like Shakespeare, have been revealing just this special time that is now upon us. These masters of old do hold the secrets of what will make us the perfect mold.

I believe this is a divine book that will be eternal in its popularity. This sort of writing has new meaning each time it is read, a perfect addition to any curriculum which call on its students to ponder life. Equally, this is wonderful for most any age to engage the mind in life’s purpose. This is a perfect time for this book to be available to the public in all languages for people of all countries since no one is excluded here.
**this on is now ready to fly!!

The Mayan Calendar Smashes to the Ground

Readers Favorite 3 star review
Reviewed by Lynn F. for

The Mayan Calendar by Kim Ripley Hartt is a fictional novel about our world today. For the past two years, Lynn Marie had been in Peru studying under the guidance of Torrance, a native shaman. She returns to her home in San Diego during a storm only to find her Mayan Calendar she had hanging outside smashed on the ground where the storm had knocked it down. From here Lynn Marie sits down to write her story and her discovery between her sacred property and an old Peru city. From her back yard looking to the mountains, she begins setting the stage for what will happen on 12/21/2012. The story deals with mind over matter, prophecy and the spirit world.

This was a hard book to understand. Even though it is a short book it is not meant to be read fast. For one that has studied Nostradamus and his predictions for 2012 or has studied the life of Edgar Cayce and his prediction and thoughts on reincarnation, or believes in numerology, then I feel this book will be a novel they will enjoy. The book was well written and the author had to have studied or had knowledge of the Metaphysical in order to write the book. As I read it the book reminded me more of reading a college thesis written about mystics, dreamers or the cosmic situation of the universe.
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The following, My next writing is of the same rhythm and style as A Unique Window into the Soul’s Understanding of Reality. This uses a much more creative story of fiction to bring in ancient mythology, as well as present day people and places to reveal a connective thread of our days existing on this blue planet. My purpose of this book is to show how, while in the body, our heavenly home is forever guiding us as a keel from below a ship, in connecting all that we know, core of soul, to bodily existence from what we now know.
The Mayan Calendar Smashes to the Ground:A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies, will be published and out in bookstores sometime this summer. This work is a short fiction novel that explores possibilities of earth’s future, from historic remembrances of Lemuria, to the Mayan people, to present day San Diego and its inhabitants, like the Kumeyaay. This story connects the incarnation of reference to past prophecy of what have now become our present land masses, people, and traditions. The story removes the veils, and enlightens the reader in seeing the past, present, and future as one and the same.
We are capable of creating miracles ourselves, and the greatest miracle is to create a masterpiece of joy out of your life with no excuses.” – Carlos Santana
Lynn Marie is returning home from a sabbatical in Peru where she has been working with Torrance, a native shaman, for the past two years. Now she will begin the odorous process of writing her dissertation from the back yard of her home in full view of majestic Cuyamaca Peak. She soon discovers the parallels between her sacred property in the mountains, to the old city of Cusco in Peru, as the spirits come alive once again in guiding her discoveries.

This novel brings a further look at our evolved selves, in this “New Age” by revisiting prophesies presented by cultures like the Mayans, from their excavated recordings. Although this is fiction in that it flows from my mind’s imagination, there is the use of factual references of people, places, as well as past recognition of historical events to tie the story together over time. The story starts out here in San Diego during a torrential rain storm in the mountain area, then unfolds by speaking of the changes occurring in the land masses of the planet over time, to what is now happening from global warming. The story ends in a coming together of enlightened minds. The projected changes are brought home by using San Diego as a hypothetical area for these projected events. It creates San Diego’s future as actually becoming “The Bay of Stars”, with the mountain area now eventually becoming the new San Diego.
The Mayan Calendar Smashes to the Ground: A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies is a short fiction novel that explores possibilities of earth’s future, from historic remembrances of Lemuria, to the Mayan people, to present day San Diego and its inhabitants. This story connects the incarnation of reference to past prophecy of what have now become our present land masses, people, and traditions. The story removes the veils, and enlightens the reader in seeing the past, present, and future as one and the same.

This novel brings a further look at our evolved selves, in this “New Age” by revisiting prophesies presented by cultures like the Mayans, from their excavated recordings. Although this is fiction in that it flows from my mind’s imagination, there is the use of factual references of people, places, as well as past recognition of historical events to tie the story together over time. The story starts out here in San Diego during a torrential rain storm in the mountain area, then unfolds by speaking of the changes occurring in the land masses of the planet over time, to what is now happening from global warming. The story ends in a coming together of enlightened minds. The projected changes are brought home by using San Diego as a hypothetical area for these projected events. It creates San Diego’s future as actually becoming “The Bay of Stars”, with the mountain area now eventually becoming the new San Diego.

Here is a short summary of each chapter within my book:

The Introduction speaks of the places in and around San Diego, the indigenous Indians, mythological figures, etc., that will be the stage for this story. Chapter 1 opens with an actual storm that comes up suddenly and prompts me to start this writing. There is an outside wall hanging of a Mayan Calendar that has fallen to the ground and smashes, thus giving birth to the title, The Mayan Calendar Smashes to the Ground: A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies. This chapter also explains the setting, the people, mythical figures, and various landmarks in the San Diego area where the story will unfold. Chapter 2 reveals how our now learned recordings of time; shed a more honest truth to what our past has been. With this new awakening, we can connect our history with our present day, to see the future that so long ago was spoken of. Chapter 3 attempts to attune the reader and prepare them in a somewhat meditative state, to open themselves to what is about to unfold. Chapter 4 takes the reader to a place of heavenly observations of a full moon and bats flying sporadically in a show that creates mindful entrainment of our connection with nature. Chapter 5 introduces Cuyamaca Peak and likens it to a stubbly beard of a man’s chin, in that a few large pines can still be seen after the previous fires. This mountain comes alive as if it were a face that the author speaks to. The sky also becomes a character and the author banters with it as it seems to need to show itself off with spectacular cloud formations behind the mountain. Chapter 6 introduces the creatures that come to play in a hypothetical attempt to connect the Southern California Island of Catalina, to the Asian continent of India, while imagining Lemuria existing here at one time as well. This connection brings the past land masses into where they have shifted in relation to Southern California, to specific landmarks and people of present day. The idea that the 2012 prophecy is really a “heaven on earth”, vs. Armageddon, is presented at the end of this section. Chapter 7 brings together all the divine organizations of evolved spiritual dedication, to reveal what they have been trying to teach us. These divine Beings were shedding light on the belief that we are really God Beings trying to get back to our original selves, but are somewhat lost in our material bodies. Chapter 8 talks of dogs, birds, animals of sorts, sending love by just the way they play. The beauty of leaves, the oceans, and the facilitation of the deities or spirits are being used to clean and clear our minds in celebration of this new awareness. The message is, when we release our spirit it connects our very Being to the universe. Chapter 9 tries to shed light on the sacred secrets of our evolved selves in their teachings of old. This is an attempt to connect our evolution from spirit to solid manifestation. The message is that if we can wrap our minds around this, we will be free indeed. The prophecy of 2012 is that our freedom of sprit evolved, will be as common to us as our breath. Freedom will abound. Chapter 10 is speaking of a complete shift of our minds. A freedom of realizing our very cell structure in enabling it to allow the full energy of the mind's atomic energy in to shift us home to a level of an already existing higher Being, master, sages of the day. Chapter 11 talks of reaching our highest of selves by facilitating our cells with the use of crystals to tune each atom in its elevated state of vibration. Veils will be torn, and our Being will be at full capacity. The brain will operate at full capacity, and in and of itself will bring us back to a heavenly state. Now we will start communing with angels at all levels of these spherical realms, and this will be our permanent residence. Chapter 12 parallels our mind with the sea. It takes flight with the seagulls and brings us to a freedom of spirit that can now take flight into our inner Being of peace which was at our origin that we are now returning to. Chapter 13 is an evolving recognition of equity between “new age” and “old school”, that they are really one and the same. It asks the reader to bring on the wine; it is time to celebrate this epiphany. Chapter 14 looks at the very atom itself, and the inner workings in relation to our vibrational structure. With the mind’s use of pulling together these atoms in vibrational unison, this is what determines our structure, our symmetry within, as well as our universe. Chapter 15 is about uniting with spirit guides, and angels, to enlighten the soul. Vibrating the mind to an elevated level will remove veils so all can be seen. This is now a new day of what 2012 may very well be speaking of. Chapter 16 brings light to the fact that at present, we use very little of our brain, but the new day will mean all glands will be working. Our brain will be working to its full capacity. This in itself could cause a shift in our entire planet as prophesied by the Mayans. Chapter 17 looks at 2012 as really the Garden of Eden returning to our planet. This chapter asks the reader to envision this possibility. Chapter 18 attempts to explain the global effect this raising consciousness could have with regards to lifting the entire planet. By raising energy levels, this would make the mind more atomic on a global level, thus raising the vibration of the planet and causing changes as we are now seeing. These warming trends could be in direct relation to our new awareness, affecting the molecular structure of the planet. Chapter 19 is a summery of our paradigm shift as an evolved human, our differences in skin color, hair, our rising and falling of levels of intelligence. The gyrations of our changes which were necessary to bring us to an elevated permeable shift of our existence within the universe will be our present existence. Chapter 20 summarizes the energy force that is now in full swing, giving us a new level of existence. Where clairvoyance, and telepathy are second in nature with regards to our new abilities. In conclusion I let the reader know my hope is that they explore their own renewal of mind, and delve into the process of opening the mind for healing of body, and becoming an enlightened Being by opening the minds capacity to its full potential.

Part II, Transcending Vibrations of 2012 

Chapter 1 speaks of numerology and the relevance of 12/21/2012, in relation to the numbers and their sum. Here we see a very positive vibration of the number two, far from Armageddon and the demise of our planet. This actually shows to be the most positive of times ever known to man. Chapter two talks of gaining command of our cells once the shift into of 2012 takes place, here all will know in an instant our god-like selves. Chapter 3 speaks of a celebration, now that we are in “full throttle”, with this new found atomic energy, of where we originally begin. Chapter 4 speaks of this contagious discover that infects all other entities in our radius. Chapter 5 talks of the veils being torn so that our angels and deities are visible to us, in the same way we can see each other. Chapter 6 lets us enjoy an evening with our pomegranate elixir, while enjoying nature and all if its profound intricacies that we are now truly able to be a part of. Chapter 7 reveals this new found heaven on earth, which is now prevalent. Chapter 8 breaks down our physical existence into nothing but, fluid and gases. It also takes note in the importance of reliving emotions, in order to evolve as our masters have. Chapter 9 we are introduced to Cheyenne, a spirit guide, where she reveals our selves over time, and creates a unity in knowing we have all been each other. She also brings light to the idea we should move forward for the “greater good”, in attaining and deeper understanding of our needs. Chapter 10 speaks of learning once again, to see with our intuitive eye. Chapter 11 lets us know the purpose of this time in the body, and that now we have finally completed our mission. Chapter 12 challenges us to make a mental note of the 2012 shift, and its positive effect on the planet. Chapter 13 likens this opening of our minds, to the adorning spread of peacock feathers, where one entire being is now lending itself to limitless possibilities. Chapter 14 speaks of finding peace where ever we may be, and letting our cells resonate to their place of sun like energy. Chapter 15 talks of a blissful state, of the extraction of emotion, while each being is free to live in the moment as the observer. Chapter 16 brings understanding to the vast remembrance of the mind, which will now be able to make corrections and heal old wounds. Within this chapter there is a little story called “Incarnations Remembered”, that speaks of King Solomon, Noah’s Ark, and the transcending incarnations of connecting the prophesies of old, with the new. This story uses the metaphor of a rainbow, to create a picture to our mind’s eye, for clarity and understanding in relation to “the old” vs. “the new”. Chapter 17 reminds us that letters on a page are really powerful codes, which bring command of our cells, in the remembrance of divine messages. Chapter 18 takes the kaleidoscope of changing molecular structures, and talks of how our minds are really the masters of these spectacular displays of sacred geometry. Chapter 19 takes us to the heavenly realms, where golden dolphins, unicorns, etc, frolic, while we enjoy our heavenly mansions that are really our blueprint. Here we visit our libraries within our mansion, and learn about our soul mates, people have been important to us in previous incarnations, and take comfort in sharing all that we now know. Here everyone is welcome to sit in our home, and reflect on what is being remembered. Chapter 20 allows us to freely walk around in these heavens, and remember with our God, what has always been, while reflecting on who we are, and our possibilities in this renewed state of god-selves. Chapter 21 reminds us that 12/21/2012 is a formula unique to time and space, in that it is the key to opening portals that shift ourselves, and our planet, back home to this heavenly realm. Chapter 22 is an after thought, reminding us that we are Adam/ATOM, Alpha and Omega, and that all that is within our God, is within us. Our God is the atomic energy force of our sun, and we are sons, with this replicated force, within each cell of our atoms, thus, now knowing, we are Adam/ATOM. Chapter 23 breaks our blueprint of life into three stages, and with each revelation within the fraction of our various incarnations, we are able to move to a new level of understanding. Now that this formulas 12/21/2012 has come to pass, we no longer will need these incarnations of the body, but are now reawakened to all information in our god-like selves, thus residing in our heavenly mansion for all time. Chapter 24 asks our God to accept our thanks in his many displayed characters, which he uses to create this story, this play, which has brought our minds home once again in remembering our true god-selves

Hopefully this story will create a reality that connects our minds to who and what we are, and who we have been. Also, an equal remembering of all other beings, animals, heavenly guides, and their orchestrated efforts, that are bringing us to this new day of renewal, and what their role has been in relation to us over time

My book, The Mayan Calendar Smashes to the Ground: A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies is like The Mystery of 2012 Predictions, Prophecies and Possibilities, by Gregg Braden, in that it emphasis the 2012 event is really a shift within our mind, vs. an Armageddon. It also speaks of the effect so many minds may have globally, with regards to the land and its drastic changes on a cosmic level. Greg’s book is different in that it is a writing of factual science, with backed studies by various scholars, while my book is a use of fiction to connect those same facts of scientific ideas into an everyday story that brings to light, past, present, and future at the same time.

The Ledge of Quetzal~Beyond 2012, by Jock Whitehouse is very much like mine in that it is a fiction story of Jock’s adventure of the mind. He uses spirit guides, and actual places to take the reader thru in Southern Mexico. In the same way I use Southern California and its places to bring a connection to the past. We both are relating the present to the prophesies of 2012, and again, bringing to light that the shift of importance is really in the mind. My story would probably fit right in the New Age section of any book store right next to his.

Although these stories are very different, the blueprint of creative direction, with use of story telling, is similar in technique. Two others I believe are similar in style, but are classified as non-fiction, are Mary Summer Rain’s books, Spirit Song, The Introduction of No-Eyes, and Phoenix Rising, No-Eyes’ Vision Of The Changes To Come. Both of these speak in a prophecy of sorts, revealing through imagery of nature, spirit guides, beauty of the landscape, and the message of things to come. These create reference for internal realizations or shifts of the mind, into enlightenment; my book does this as well, but from my imagination with regards to references in nature’s surroundings, and culture, unique to my background and upbringing, different from hers since I am not Native American Indian.

This story is classified as fiction genre, “new age”, or “Coming of Age”, for our planet and its people regarding Earth’s history. This writing can be for all ages. I would buy this book because the curiosity brought about by the title, The Mayan Calendar Smashes to The Ground: A Short Novel About New Age Prophesies would trigger curiosity to look inside. Once seeing that it would be a short read, I would just opt to purchase without second thought, because the cost would be minimal. I would definitely be able to fit this read in during my busy schedule. I, like many others, sometimes need an escape for my mind into what possibilities may lay ahead. Even if just for a moment in time, being the creative people we are, fantasies using our imagination muscle into nature, communing with spirits of old, is too hard to pass up. I believe there are many folks out there, like myself, hungry for metaphysical connections to what may be in store for our world in relationship to a prophesy of old, especially with regards to indigenous people, Lemuria, Atlantis, and paradigm shifts in our planet’s evolution.

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